Hold Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery Responsible for the Bogoso Explosive Disaster – Dr. Solomon Owusu

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All Ghanaians should blame the Interior Minister, Mr. Ambrose Dery for his disregard to ensuring safe operation and transportation of explosives by the MAXAM Explosives Company, operating in Ghana. His ineffective supervision and strict monitoring has resulted in this national calamity. Please stop apportioning blames on the National Security Minister and Lands & Natural Resources Minister.

As part of his responsibilities, the Interior Minister issues and revokes operating licenses to explosives companies in Ghana. He has been aware for so long how MAXAM operates without following environment, health and safety regulations but he did nothing to address this matter. His negligence to ensuring that the company conforms to safety, has caused this national disaster. How could a motorbike collide head-on with the explosive truck, if there was an escort vehicle as required for explosives transportation?.

Escort is a basic requirement for explosives movement on road, even on mining sites. The big question is; how could the company transport such heavy combustible and eruptive chemicals on a highway without a vehicle escort?. Surprisingly, the truck crossed at least, one police barrier before reaching the community where the disaster occurred.

In October 2017, the Minister visited the company’s operating site in Tarkwa and realized serious safety violations. He issued an ultimatum for the company to operate within standard safety regulations but he failed to monitor their activities going forward. No corrective measures were put in place to ensure the company’s safe operations in Ghana.

Please expect a full publication on this avoidable national tragedy soon. The international community will know how ineffective and unsafe MAXAM company operates in Ghana under the incompetent and lazy Ambrose Dery.

It’s time the youth of the country criticize and expose slothful government appointees, irrespective of political party affiliations. Please stay tuned…..

Solomon Owusu, PhD
(Mining Consultant)
Colorado, USA.

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