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A 51 year old man Kwasi Atta Donkor ( A.K.A Keka ɛgyano Shɛmu ) has met his untimely death after drowned in the River Tano at Sefwi Nsuonsua a farming community in the sefwi Waiwso Municipality of the Western North Region.

According to report Kwasi Atta left home for fishing last Saturday and did not return.

The wife Akua Ekyea then rushed and reported to the Chiefs and elders in the community.

Report says searching crews that was dispatched from the nearby communities to search for Atta revealed that his attire, boot and Cutlass as well as the canoe were found without the body.

The the victim left Kwasi Atta Donkor left behind a wife and 6 children.

Nana Elluo Paying III, the Chief of Sefwi Nsuonsua told the press file that the victim Kwasi Atta Donkor who got drowned last Saturday was retrieved from the water on Monday afternoon.

“The Victim Kwasi Atta is a professional swimmer but unfortunately he took in alcohol that faithful day that is why he could not save himself”.He stressed.

“I was told that the wife of the victim Akua Ekyea tried not allow the husband to go for fishing after noticing that he had taken in alcohol but unfortunately the husband fought her and later left” .. He added

The body of the victim Kwasi . Atta Monday was retrieved from the Tano River after rituals was performed to the gods of the river.

The case then reported to the sefwi Waiwso district police command and after taking the necessary report handed over the body to the community to be buried since the body was decomposed.

The Chief used the sad incident that has happened and advised the youth from taking in alcohol and herbs that can lead them to their early grave.

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